Audio Branding

We treat Audio Branding as more than just a logo at the end of your content, it’s about delving deep into the psyche, persona and identity of a company and letting your customers hear what your beating heart sounds like.

It’s about acoustically realising the principles of a company and creating sounds that say “This is us”.

Audio Branding is for companies who are so painstakingly conscientious about their branding and identity that every tone that is heard has a thread and personality. It’s that ever developing relationship between brand and consumer to give a reassuring feeling of recognition and trust.

When you hear audio branded content it gives the consumer confidence and a connection to that brand, it’s the extra edge that many companies don’t pay attention to.

We want to work with companies that aspire to stand out from the crowd, build a multi-sensory brand and want to truly connect and engage with their customers.

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