Composition & Sound Design

We treat every project as a new creation, a blank canvas, a chance to be Inspired.

Every company is unique and every project is different so we are meticulous in our understanding of the brand. Whether it be working to picture, an interactive installation or a collaborative art work.

It’s all about telling a story……evoking an emotion…..a thought……a feeling…..

We pride ourselves on understanding the translation between creation and user familiarity, ensuring not only does an auditory sense heighten an experience, it gives the user confidence and a connection to the brand.

The subtle nuisances of composition & sound design nudge the listener into the mood suggested. We thrive on the words “we just want something different”. This is what gets our creative juices flowing, it’s what drives us to push beyond the mediocrity of library music and much further.

The music we compose not just stands alone as an artistic composition, but gives the client more –  turning good into great!

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