A Concentric Study

Art Installation

‘A Concentric Study’ is a geometric intervention of light and form that distorts and explores the historically rich Beaux-Art façade of the Grand Palais in Paris. The interplay between the projected patterns creates a playful yet dynamic tension to the underlying architecture and the historical gravitas of the surrounding area.

The musical score to the artwork was created specifically for the installation by North v South composers Kristian Gilroy and Dougal Drummond. Several major musical movements occur over the 20 minute cycle, with the instrumental score directly driving the computer code responsible for bringing the series of geometric studies to life. The graphical design of the projections was created at Dominic Harris’ London based Cinimod Studio.

The public art installation was a site specific commission for the Grand Palais by the Art Paris 2015 organisation.

Kristian Gilroy & Dougal Drummond of North v South
Dominic Harris
Designed by
Dominic Harris & Cinimod Studio
David Dessens of Cinimod Studio
Commissioned by
Art Paris
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